Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The kitchen is perhaps the most important and arguably the busiest room in the house, so here are a few pointers for your kitchen lighting ideas. The kitchen is the central hub of any home, it is where the most activity takes place and, as many of you can probably attest to, it is the most popular room in the home for people to congregate during parties and celebrations! So getting the lighting right is vital. Your kitchen lights must be adaptable so you can change the mood in an instant – you want bright, balanced light for cooking, preparing and eating and then in the evening you want soft, ambient lighting to create a nice atmosphere for dining and socialising.

There are many styles of light that can be used as kitchen lights and all play a part in the activities you perform in the kitchen. Ceiling lights are ideal for creating bright, balanced lighting. The most popular style of kitchen ceiling lights are flush fitting lights and track lighting. Flush fitting ceiling lights are discreet, making them ideal for minimalist and contemporary kitchens. For large kitchens they look great fitted in a grid system across ceilings, creating quality lighting for cooking and preparing food.

Track lighting is a great option to consider when looking at Kitchen Lighting Ideas. The benefit of track lighting is the option to adjust the different spotlights so they are pointing at different parts of the kitchen – you could have one shining on the worktop, one towards the door, another towards the table and so on. Track lighting can be used in all kinds of interior.

Pendant lights are another great option when looking at kitchen lighting ideas. They look great fitted over kitchen tables and are a great light source during mealtimes and dinner parties. They are also great for poker nights!

Wall lights are not that common in standard sized kitchens as most of the wall space is taken up with kitchen units and white goods. They might work in larger kitchens however, and we have a huge range of wall lights to choose from at Love4Lighting.

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