Designer Chandeliers

Chandeliers are one of the most famous styles of light fitting and have been gracing the ceilings of grand interiors for centuries and continue to do so in the form of designer chandeliers. Think of a chandelier and images of spectacular, ornate lights come to mind. Chandeliers are designed to make a statement – they dominate the room where they are fitted and are the focal point around which everything revolves.

Due to the timeless appeal of chandeliers, their popularity has continued into the modern world in the form of designer chandeliers. These modern light fittings are instantly recognizable as following the chandelier style but they have modern design elements incorporated into their look that makes them ideal for a range of contemporary fittings.

Designer chandeliers are suitable for domestic applications in townhouses, trendy apartments and new builds but they really come to the fore in commercial situations. Designer chandeliers look fantastic in nightclubs, restaurants, bars and hotels. They are ideal for the foyers of modern offices blocks and look magnificent in large spaces in public buildings such as modern museums and art galleries. They might also be fitted in yachts and cruise liners.

The two leaders in the designer chandeliers market are Searchlight and Franklite, who have developed some sensational designs that are full of class, sophistication and style. A fine example is the Franklite Constellation Flush Crystal Ceiling Light is a stunning chandelier that will add glitz and glamour to any room or open space. This is a light that dazzles and it creates stunning lighting effects in high ceilinged rooms in both domestic and commercial situations.

And before you are scared away by the size and price of these fantastic designer chandeliers, there are some affordable, smaller scale fittings available that are perfect for smaller homes and commercial settings. Browse the entire range of chandeliers available at Love4Lighting for some superb light fittings and great deals.

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