Party Lighting Ideas

The summer is the time to throw a party – the sun is out, the weather is warm (we hope) – and this blog will give you a few pointers for some party lighting ideas. Creating the right mood for a party – indoors or out – is essential in helping people relax and have a good time. Too bright will create the wrong atmosphere, too dark and people will knock over drinks and knock into each other. Parties are all about the ambience, man!

LED wall lights offer some superb party lighting ideas. As an alternative to bright ceiling lights, the right wall light will provide a softer, cooler light and create attractive illuminations across walls. For creating a nice mood, LED wall lights that are flush fitted to walls are your best bet. They are unobtrusive in appearance yet cast a lovely light for parties and entertaining. They can be fitted low on walls for a darker light or half way up for a slightly wider light. Led wall lights look great in open plan living spaces and entrance halls.

Hessian lights are a great option if you are searching for party lighting ideas. They look great when placed around the garden or inside the home. They are highly decorative and create superb lighting effects.

Fairy lights are perhaps the most popular type of party lighting and can be used for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. The great thing about fairy lighting is the ease with which they can be put up and taken down – they are not permanent light fittings. Fairy lights are incredibly versatile. Indoors they can be draped over paintings, along tables, around fire places and over doorways. For al fresco entertaining, they look superb around patios, across fences, around trees and across walls.

So for some great party lighting ideas, Love4Lighting have got both indoor and outdoor entertaining covered.

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