Cool Restaurant Lighting

The mood and ambience in a restaurant plays a large part in it’s success, which is why cool restaurant lighting is essential if you are to make your clientele feel relaxed and welcome. And, of course, cool restaurant lighting is a great way to showcase your wonderful food in all its mouth-watering glory!

There are many styles of light to consider for cool restaurant lighting and a combination of these styles might be what works best. We suggest quality wall lights, ceiling lights and table lamps with maybe a few floor light fittings thrown in for good measure.

If you run a modern, stylish eatery then the chances are you will have a minimalist and clean interior design. Flush ceiling lights look great in modern interiors and help to create an even balanced light, especially in large rooms. There are some high quality ceiling lights to look through at Love4Lighting many of which have a simple, understated design that blends in seamlessly with a modern restaurant.

Wall lights can be used to great effect to generate a cool, calm ambience in restaurants. You will see wall lights in most modern restaurants as they create eye catching visual effects that are great to socialise in. Take a peek at our contemporary wall lights section for some very cool restaurant lighting ideas. A superb example is the Franklite Orion Chrome Double Wall Light, which has an elegant, eye-catching design and creates stunning lighting effects on walls. It is highly decorative too and will catch the eye of your customers.

If your restaurant is known for it’s romantic atmosphere then popular lights to use as an alternative to candles are table lamps. There are some really beautiful table lamps available here at Love4Lighting that create soft, soothing light for couples enjoying a romantic meal. The Searchlight Candle Sticks White Table Lamp with Shade has a classic, elegant design that blends in with any restaurant interior. It is sold in pairs and represents great value for money.

Finally you will certainly have to think about the bathroom when planning your cool restaurant lighting. There are some superb bathroom wall lights, bathroom ceiling lights and mirror lights available at Love4Lighting that will complete your restaurant lighting with aplomb!

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