Contemporary Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a hugely popular light fitting, especially in modern settings, which is why we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the best contemporary pendant lights available at Love4Lighting for you to take a look at. This style of light hangs down from the ceiling and comes in all sorts of shapes and styles. You can get very low hanging pendant lights that create a nice bit of mood lighting or you might see high hanging pendants that provide a more even lighting effect in rooms.

Whether you are searching for lights for your home or apartment or commercial setting, there are plenty of contemporary pendant lights available here. They are most commonly fitted in sociable areas, so living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms in domestic situations and bars, restaurants, pubs and hotels in commercial situations. Pendant lights are great for setting the scene and creating a nice atmosphere in which to relax or entertain. Some pendant lights can be pulled down and pushed up, which is great for fittings over dining tables and kitchen tables – you can pull the light down to eat to create a direct light and then you can push it back up for a wider light when finished. These lights are flexible and attractive and in many cases they are highly decorative too.

A fine example of a contemporary pendant light that looks great fitted over dining tables is the Searchlight Nevada 3 Light Walnut Pendant light With Shades, which has a clean contemporary look and creates beautiful lighting effects in dining rooms and kitchens. It works well in commercial settings too, creating a warm, romantic ambience in restaurants and hotels.

The Elstead Lighting Provence Rise and Fall Polished Nickel Pendant is an example of a more stylised pendant light. It has a dynamic design with the pulley system visible and looks fantastic in trendy apartments and homes. It is beautifully finished in polished nickel and looks great over dining tables and coffee tables.

So there are a few ideas for contemporary pendant lights, there are plenty more to peruse at your leisure, so have a look and, as always, please get in touch if you have any questions.

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