Modern Wall Light Fixtures

There many many modern wall light fixtures on the market and we are delighted to feature some of the very best here at Love4Lighting. Wall lighting is a very popular lighting option for contemporary homes, apartments and commercial spaces as they are perfect for creating ambient, stylish visual effects that will compliment the modern look of your interior. Modern wall light fixtures come in an abundance of styles, shapes, sizes and finishes and can be used in rooms throughout the home.

Some of the very best brands in the business have jumped aboard with Love4Lighting to supply us with modern wall light fixtures of superb quality. We have fittings from the likes of Astro Lighting, Searchlight and Franklite that have been designed with enormous creativity with the modern household firmly in mind.

The beauty of modern wall light fixtures is their versatility – they can be fitted to any wall in any room. They look fantastic in bedrooms and hallways and can also double up as night lights to provide soft lighting in landings and entrance halls during the night. Modern wall light fixtures really come to the fore in communal areas such as the living room, dining room and kitchen. They add a beautiful finishing touch to these rooms and create stylish lighting for chilling out or entertaining in the evening.

There are hundreds of modern wall light fixtures to peruse at Love4Lighting and they cater for all budgets and projects. Square, round, curved, boxed, ceramic, crystal, ornate – we’ve got pretty much every shape and size going!

A really stunning wall light that looks excellent in any modern, trendy interior is the Astro Lighting Napoli LED Wall Light. This energy saving light is ideal for lounges, open plan living spaces and home offices or studios. It serves a double purpose – the main light casts a warm illumination across walls and the adjustable spotlight below can be used as a reading light or directed to a certain part of the room, such as an ornament or piece of art. It also works really well when fitted behind a bed in homes and hotels.

For a dynamic, cutting edge modern wall light fixture, the Artemide Edge Parete Soffitto Light is just the ticket. The light is shaped like a cube and looks like it has been fired into the wall by a canon! It generates great interest on walls in homes and commercial spaces and can be used as a ceiling light too.

These are just a couple of the modern wall light fixtures available at Love4Lighting – there are many more to enjoy so have a look at our modern wall lights section for some inspiration.

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